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Citizenship By Investment

Considering an International Investment? With the Cyprus Residency/Citizenship Program, you can make a Real Estate Investment that affords you the benefit of obtaining Residency or Citizenship in one of the most beautiful Islands in the Mediterranean. Realty Atlas International with its strategic partners in Cyprus can guide you through the process.

No need to actually live in Cyprus

Dependants (Children & in-laws qualify)

Low crime rate & political stability

How Does It Work?

Cyprus Residency Program

  • With a minimum investment of €300,000 + VAT in the Cypriot Real Estate Market, non-european citizens are entitled to residency
  • English speaking country (Cyprus is part of the commonwealth and all Cypriots are fluent in English)
  • Establish your own business in Cyprus
  • With its location - Cyprus is well located as a gateway to Europe
  • Free Education

Cyprus Citizenship Program

  • With a minimum investment of €2 million + VAT in the Cypriot Real Estate Market, you can purchase a single property or a portfolio of properties
  • Citizenship can be passed to descendants
  • No need to live in Cyprus
  • English speaking country - No need to learn a new language
  • Free education

Why Realty Atlas International?

Our strategic partnership with Ernst & Young

We are here to guide you through the entire process “Your Legacy is Our Legacy”

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